art shadows
name: art shadows
client: Marriott chain of hotels
status: 1 prize in the competition
location: worldwide
function : art concept
architect: Arina Ageeva
3D visualization: Arina Ageeva
3D animation: Arina Ageeva
year: 2011
The project presents an art concept in the form of shadow play. Here all the hotel surfaces serve as planes
for creating unusual art objects. Shadows appear in certain places forming unique shapes and images.
A system of analog and digital projectors can be operated
both mechanically, by means of mounting attachments, or with the help of digital technologies. This system
of projectors is supposed to produce shadows both inside the building and on its outer façade, sometimes
accompanied with sounds. In this way Marriott hotel interior spaces will be able to create a different
atmosphere depending on the circumstances. Installations should be made by local artists and can
vary from simple geometrical transformations to complicated shadow performances. Simple mechanical
lamps can be placed in hotel rooms as an ornament, while more sophisticated digital projectors can
be installed in lobbies, halls and dining rooms. Light and shadows can also react to movement.

In the daytime, devices installed on the windows of hotel rooms and common spaces can separate
light and shadow, thus telling small stories created by the artist. These devices are made of two
horizontal rails and a piece of transparent cloth with a non-transparent pattern on it.















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